2016-07-31 (anth)
	Put revisions under git; change tracking happening via 'git log' now.
2016-03-22 (anth)
	Got registration mostly working, including finding existing shareholders.
2016-03-12 (anth)
	Added Season objects w/ active status.
2016-02-25 (anth)
	Only offer shareholders stops with future pickups.
		Still need to do the Sunday cutoff.
2016-02-23 (anth)
	More work on shareholder order flow.
2016-02-09 (anth)
	Got ¾ of the shareholder order flow working.
2016-02-02 (anth)
	Forgot to log some previous dev sessions; we can charge credit cards now!
	Improved registration templates, login/out, redirection.
2016-01-06 (anth)
	Fixed kale.stop.get_item to deal with empty dictionaries.
2015-12-06 (anth)
	Fixed kale.reports.demorep for end-of-year variances in season length by stop.
		Asana:71137355924959 (sort of)
	Made order form pre-select person 
2015-12-04 (anth)
	Added per-pickup shareholder list from front table report (& global version).
2015-11-24 (anth)
	Fixed a bug in where it was assuming it could get >= 2 weeks.
		...there are problably more once we get past the Christmas share.
2015-09-08 (anth)
	Added order deletion, with one (exactly ONE!) round of confirmation.
2015-09-01 (anth)
	Removed unused "oldbackup" from mkfile (internal cleanup).
	Added pickup timestamp to orders (not yet used).
		Asana:42056958750331 (incomplete)
	Added "Surplus" order type.
2015-08-28 (anth)
	Added label text to kale/personlist.html template & all callers (also: count)
	Made person search by last name "icontains" rather than "iexact".
	Made kale.reports.doppel for duplicate person search.
	Added per-person notes to the notes report.
	New order form now reports how many orders were created.
	Gave neworder.html a slightly-awkward "Select all pickups" (our first JavaScript).
2015-08-27 (anth)
	Got kale.reports.orderquery working (will add more searches later).
2015-08-25 (anth)
	Started kale.reports.orderquery to search for orders matching criteria.
2015-08-24 (anth)
	Fixed global pseudo-front-table report (was assuming 'stop' was set).
	Added kale.reports.lostboys, a report of "lost" shareholders.
2015-08-06 (anth)
	Made a "overdue orders" report, for past-but-pending orders.
	Combined orderlist.html & unpaid.html templates, refactored code to match.
2015-08-05 (anth)
	Added kale.reports.demorep to give "demographic" breakdown by share type.
2015-08-04 (anth)
	Added a summary of next week's orders to the Front Table Report.
2015-08-01 (anth)
	Rolled back some "'type': 'number'" widget settings on not-really-numeric fields.
2015-07-31 (anth)
	Disabled autocorrect & specified default text entry modes where sensible.
2015-07-30 (anth)
	Commented out debugging prints.
	Changed default paystat on new orders to "Paid" in
	Made templates/kale/contents.html display "0" instead of "None" for empty itmes.
	Fixed bug in kale.stop.contents where 0 S/F would cause LIS/LIF not to be checked.
	Made kale.stop.contents sort by item position (using collections' OrderedDict).
	Made kale.stop/contents properly count the same item from multiple farmers.
	Added check number to future & past order display on person profile.
	Made kale-stopperson, a per-stop version of kale-personinfo, in service of...
	Added a link to the new order page from the person profile page.
	Made person links on the front table report open in a new window (like the others).
2015-07-21 (anth)
	Added email link to templates/kale/personlist.html
	Added a column with static existing data to templates/kale/personreport.html
	Made email links clickable in templates/kale/personreport.html
2015-06-30 (anth)
	Sped up bulk order report - but not by nearly as much as expected.
2015-06-29 (anth)
	Made kale.stop.contents consolidate LIF/LIS orders with F/S orders.
2015-06-23 (anth)
	Made order entry page return shareholder's name on good entry.
	Made past & future orders match on person report, all w/ links.
	On new person creation, you now get a link to enter orders for that person.
	Fixed note display on personreport.
	Made note report, manager & per stop; linked from dashboards.
2015-06-18 (anth)
	Caused to not show past dates (still shows today).
2015-06-16 (anth)
	Named kale-who for person lookup.
	Added person lookup to management dashboard.
	Eleminated selectperson.html template, made kale.person.who use personlist.
2015-06-12 (anth)
	Made kale.stop.donate do the today-or-previous pickup selection.
2015-06-11 (anth)
	Made all orders with blank receipt have receipt "None".
2015-06-10 (anth)
	Made tablereport only display "pickup?" for un-picked-up orders.
	Got current-count on front table report.
2015-06-09 (anth)
	Made an after-action report, global & per-stop; added to dashboards.
2015-06-08 (anth)
	Added referrer to Person model, foreign key back to a Person.
	Fixed order changes so that changing shareholder works.
	Made "top referrers" report.
2015-06-07 (anth)
	Added a report for unpaid orders; takes a 'past' or 'future' argument.
	More work on the share contents report; should be good.
	Started making a manager's dashboard; home page is too crowded.
	Working on share list for next week's pickups. Functional, if rough.
2015-06-06 (anth)
	Create share setup form.
	Start on share contents list.
	Change Produce display format to include itme+farmer+cost.
2015-06-05 (anth)
	Added totals to farm report, slightly better error checking.
	Fixed tablereport template to allow blank receipt numbers.
2015-06-04 (anth)
	First draft of the farm report.
2015-06-03 (anth)
	Added favicon, mostly for bookmarks.
	Added colophon, mostly for kicks.
	Added a link to the dashboard from all stop-specific pages.
	Added logout link on each page (login is automatic, as needed).
	Made most pages which want "today's" pickup look for next/previous.
	Fixed: kale.stop.bulkordermod IndexError on absent past pickups.
2015-06-01 (anth)
	Lots of improvement to /instructions, including screenshots.
	Database refresh with live data, and...
	We're live!
2015-05-29 (anth)
	Restarted user-focused documentation in "instructions".
	Split help out from changelog.
	Minor layout changes.
2015-05-27 (anth)
	Backups now fully automated.
	Minor cleanups in various places (typos, readability, &c).
	Bulk order entry half-done: page exists, need custom validation rules.
2015-05-26 (anth)
	Now that people are seeing this, adding a changelog.
	Fixed the look of the admin pages: static files weren't being collected.
	Figured out why new system users couldn't add additional users:
		The admin interface has extra permissions restrictions.
	Added a new "add person" facility (kale-newperson; /person/add).
	Changed all uses of old admin interface to use new facility.
	Made the 'help' page include this file.
	Off-site backups working (not yet automated).


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